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The Revolution Will Not Be Funded - Beyond the Nonprofit Industrial Complex Conference, INCITE!, 2004 (Audio)

I highly recommend that ALL non-profits, NGOs, and collectives/community groups seeking grant funding read The Revolution Will Not Be Funded book by INCITE! or listen to the conference audio recordings. While funding our (radical-adjacent) Movements through grants is a short-term aid, it should not be your sole nor long-term strategy. 

Any client interested in working with me, is encouraged to do their own research and gain a fundamental understanding of the Non-profit Industrial Complex (NPIC). If you are not well-versed on this subject matter, you will receive a NPIC 101 workshop during our client onboarding period. It is imperative that you go into this “Philanthropic Ecosystem” with your eyes open wide and your exit plan already in place. If you’re an existing non-profit who is already seeking funding, you still have to go through this workshop. We move with intention at Flourish and center Collective Liberation. 

Articles about the NPIC:

If purchasing book by INCITE! Is not in your budget, email for resources.

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