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This service is the actual grant writing. The more Deep Listening sessions we have with your organization, the greater the narrative Flourish can develop for you. Thank You letters are also included for successfully secured grants.

Start-up Support


This service allows our writers to learn about your organization from many different perspectives. It also allows your staff and stakeholders to help fill in any gaps in your history, operations, successes, or overall impact, which is necessary to share an accurate story with your funders.

Flourish offers newly established groups capacity-building support to prepare them to receive grants. This includes exploring fiscal sponsors or filing for non-profit status, solidifying board membership roles and responsibilities, developing volunteer recruitment and orientation processes, crowdfunding, asset mapping, a funder and community relationship-building strategy, membership recruitment and orientations, light program management support, and developing grant reporting structures.


We offer a creative strategizing meeting to get you, your staff, and your stakeholders involved in networking with potential funders. We will provide a 3-month networking plan.

Social Media Support

We suggest you subscribe to a content scheduling platform to schedule relevant social media posts to increase your online engagement. If you have staff responsible for social media, we would simply provide content for them to design and share. If you don’t have staff responsible for this, we can co-create your posts.


For organizations intending to hire in-house grant writing support, Flourish offers training for 1 or 2 staff members transitioning in after a designated period of time (3, 6, 9 or 12-month intervals). Training can include co-writing grants, professional development opportunities, funder introductions, and developing fundraising strategy.

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Serving the community

Flourish accepts clients that are BIPOC-led & mission-aligned including grassroots collectives, individual organizers and small non-profits. We offer service packages to support a wide range of organizations, from new to well-established.

Compensation & Accessibility

Pay now option: 

Clients are invoiced on a one-time, monthly or quarterly basis. EFT payments are preferred, but checks can be mailed to: 4035 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA 70125

Pay later option:

If funds are tight, we offer a Solidarity Pay Later option which means Flourish's fees are written into the budget and paid once grant funds are disbursed.

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